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Flush Doors Manufacturer & Supplier Company from Surat India

Flush Doors Manufacturer & Supplier Company in India Gujcon Flush Doors have a rigid five-ply construction with a solid blockboard core made up of kiln seasoned 81 chemical treated battens, cross bands and face veneers, all from selected strong and durable hardwood. The blockboard core, cross bands and face veneers are bonded together under heat and pressure using a BWP type phenol Formald Gujcon introduces 100% waterproof and stylish doors for your bathrooms and terrace.

Gujcon Flush doors are available in 5 types.

  • Commercial : With face veneer from selected commercial hardwoods
  • Decorative : With one or both sides face veneers from decorative timbers like teak.
  • 9 Layers / 7 Layers : With face veneer and both side 3 layers of core
  • Honeycomb cells : With 3 mm both side core.
  • Laminated : With one or both sides.

For many years, Flush Doors‘ style and elegance have been making them an obvious choice for countless homes. While giving an exceptionally long service to your home they accentuate the beauty of your home. Gujcon manufactures flush doors as per Indian Standards. A solid core woodenflush door consist of a blockboard core bounded with crossband and veneer faces constructed on both the sides. As per IS: 10013 and IS:401, timber is chemically treated and vacuum pressured. This process strengthens the timber by making it not only durable but also borer, termite and fungi free. Wood is generally seasoned at the automatic kiln seasoning plant as per IS:1141, substantially reducing moisture as per standard requirement mentioned in the 15:287. It is further bonded with phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin, 100% boiling water resistance as per IS:848 and hot pressed at high temperature under uniform pressure. Decorative veneer or laminated sheet is pressed by melamine or PVAc resin. Every flush door is processed using our advanced machinery to keep the structure perfect and dimensions accurate and stable. To eliminate telegraphy impressions, we pass the board through a belt sander machine which imparts super smooth finishing. Final finishing is done with commercial, natural/ recomposed or decorative veneer. This door can be laminated or painted or polished on both sides. Our latest Modern Flush Doors Designs Spectrum