Why Choose Eco Friendly Doors & Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Doors

Environmental friendly doors are constructed taking care of the prevailing environmental situations and are created in a way that decreases its negative impact on the environment. Building a house is not easy, choosing the right belongings for the house is even more difficult. We often get to see the doors of solid wood. Those are the ones that belong to the category of Environmental Friendly doors. The manufacturing process of Eco friendly doors does not harm the environment at all. Eco friendly doors are one of the most distinctive inventions of the doors manufacturers. Made of quality approved wood, plastic with enhanced technology, Eco friendly are now a days high on demand. Along with taking care of the nature, the doors never fail to surprise the users by its attractive designs.

Why choose Eco-Friendly Doors ?

  • Eco Friendly doors are much more environment friendly and free from all kinds of harmful effects due to which it has proven to be more useful and beneficial than the PVC doors.
  • Eco Friendly doors decreases the power of Global Warming, lead by negative global warming which reduces the impact of Co2 in the atmosphere.  
  • The life of Eco- Friendly doors is double of what the PVC doors have. It has much more reliability than PVC doors.
  • Eco –Friendly doors offers long term benefits and value when compared to the PVC doors offering short term benefits. 
  • Eco- Friendly doors have got the power to protect the homes from the extreme high winds, serving as a protecting guard
  • Eco- Friendly doors are made out of recycled products which does not cost much. 

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Doors 

  • Eco-Friendly doors are expected to have a life span of nearly 60 years. They don’t demand much maintenance and serves with all the required guarantees and warranties.  
  • Eco- Friendly Doors are made from the finest timber. Those are Carbon Neutral, are approved and sent by the FSC certified forests and are naturally renewable. 
  • Eco – Friendly Products offers high performance benefits. These doors are strong, renewable, natural insulator and all its combined benefits gives comfort to you and your home. 
  • Eco – Friendly Doors also leads to the enhancement of your house, helps in the reduction of energy costs adding value to your home. 
  • Eco – Friendly doors comes up with lot of varieties which involves following :

            1) Hollow Metal doors are long lasting, durable and are also resistant to fire

            2) Reclaimed Wood Doors gives a vintage appearance and are more durable.

            3) Bamboo Doors are extravagant offering a safe environment free from toxics

           4) Composite Wooden Doors are most durable ones & can be vanishedpainted as & when needed

           5) UPVC Doors are the ones which can be recycled and reused at any point of time.

        6) Thermal Fusion Doors are made out of  completely recycled content & are more useful in warm areas


Gujcon is committed to make our planet cleaner and greener by manufacturing Eco- Friendly products. Visit www.gujcon.com and choose for the right kind of door for your house which will not only protect your house from the harmful effects of the environment but will also save our planet and environment. Lets take  move towards Greener India or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan together. 


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