What is Flush Doors | Types of Flush Doors | Advantages of Flush doors

What is Flush Door ?

Flush door are excellent resistant against dust, heat and noise. It is a completely smooth door with plywood or Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) fixed over a light timber frame and the hollow parts of its filled with a cardboard core material. Flush doors are simple interior and exterior doors that feature plain facings on both sides of the construction. 

The flush door is mainly constructed by using two sections of plywood that are attached to each side of a frame. The interior of the door is hollow, that is been supported for making frame and majorly honeycomb support system is used. Good for exterior doors as they provide more insulation and strength.


  1. Solid Core Flush Doors or Laminated Flush Doors  
  2. Hollow Core Flush Doors
  3. Cellular Core Flush Doors

                                                   Types of Flush doors : Solid Core, Hollow Core, Cellular Core Flush Doors Manufacturer & Supplier in India Gujcon Surat

  • Solid Core Flush Doors :

Solid core flush doors are one of main type of flush door and it is very popular. Wood that is used in the solid core flush doors is mainly hard and mineral composition.

                                                          Solid Core Flush Doors Manufacturer & Supplier in India Gujcon Surat

The width of this type of flush doors must be more than 7.5cm of stiles, top and bottom rails. Different combinations are used for the construction of solid core flush doors such as cross band, MDF, laminated core, particle board, face wood veneer, etc. Solid core flush doors are manufactured by using timber wood for framing and hard wood lipping is also necessary to provide for strength and durability. The wide of wood lipping should be equal to the thickness. To provide strength and durability hard wood lipping along with timber wood during frame work is done. These doors are strong and heavy so they mainly used as exterior doors and it also provide sound insulation.

  • Hollow Core Flush Doors :

As the name suggest Hollow core doors are hollow from inside with supporting system mainly honeycomb support system. Similar to solid core flush door, framing of stiles, top, bottom and intermediate rails should be more than 7.5cm in width. But by fixing wooden battens on the rails for filling space/gaps between stiles and rails.

                 Hollow Core Flush Doors Manufacturer & Supplier in India Gujcon Surat

In Hollow core flush door the thickness of plywood should be always more 6 mm. These doors are light in weight as compared to other types of flush doors but not as strong as solid core flush doors.

  • Cellular Core Flush Doors

The cellular core flush door frames are constructed by fixing plywood battens and they are not less than 25 mm wide. In this type of doors the thickness of plywood must be always more than 3mm. Gluing, under pressure, plywood sheets and face veneers kept on both side faces of core is used to prepare shutter of this type of flush door.

                                                            Cellular Core Flush Doors manufacturer & Supplier in India Gujcon Surat


  • Flush doors designs are very simple so they are cheap in cost and easily available.
  • These doors are attractive, traditional, pleasant, and rich in appearance.
  • These doors provide good stability and longevity.
  • Hollow core flush doors are light in weight so they can be easily handled and equipped.
  • Solid core doors flush are best in quality so last for longer time.
  • Surface of flush doors have ability to counteract to stains, scratches, and crash which could easily damage the wood.
  • These doors are unaffected by any environmental changes. 
  • These doors can be easily cleaned so required low maintenance.
  • These doors can be use in both areas interiors and exterior as well.
  • Eco friendly, water proof, and sound insulators well
  • Easily manufactured and cheap in cost.  

  Advantages of Flush Doors, Manufacturer & Supplier in India Gujcon Surat


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