Veneer Doors VS Laminate Doors

Indian homes are incomplete without Wooden furniture. But the high quality solid wood furniture is not available at nominal price due to which it is opted not by many people. Rather less expensive furniture with decorative finishes that gives the feel of wood is often preferred by most of us. 

Amongst the finishing materials wood, Laminates and Veneers are very common. They are made from MDF, solid wood, particle board plywood. Both the common materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look to some of them:

  • Composition :

Laminate is processed using an artificial material undergoing the process of pressing the thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins against each other. To give an impressive look upper layer is made decorative with printing. 

Veneer on the other hand is hardwood made of thin layer and is attached with glue.

  • Maintenance :

The maintenance of Laminates is easier when compared to Veneer. They are featured with scratch resistant and water resistant too. They have the capacity of sustaining for long years.

Veneer on the other hand demands more of the maintenance as it requires polishing on regular intervals to maintain the durability. 

  • Variety :

Laminates have got huge variety to offer in the market. It has got varied colors, shapes, different textures, soft, matte and glossy too. Laminates if gets textured can act as a replacement for the materials like wood or stone.

Veneer is not much in variety. They are available only in raw, paper backed, laid up, phenolic backed and wood on wood and has got only limited number of shades.  

  • Durability :

Laminates can be trusted for their durability and reliability. Due to the composite base and wood look, it is found to be durable and ensures to resist scratches and stains. 

Veneer on the other hand, demands much of maintenance due to which it is not found to be durable and cannot even resist scratches. 

  • Cost :

Laminates has got wide options due to which they are found to be affordable and pocket friendly. The price is completely relied on the quality and the brand. 

Veneer of high quality costs much. The cost of Veneer is decided based on the type of wood used. 

  • Aesthetics :

Laminates have got huge options available due to which it undergoes mass production. As a result Laminates seems to be similar to each other without much of the differences. 

Veneer is made from wood and got elegance and grace. Veneer comes out to be unique giving rich feel to the furniture. 

  • Usage :

Laminates are preferable to be used in kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes etc

Veneer is preferably used if you wish your furniture to be a piece of statement adding aesthetic value and unique look. 


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