Upgrade Interior-Exterior doors

A door is the core part of our house. Door plays a major role in our house. During the time of construction or renovation, it is important to ensure that the door chosen for your house is the most appropriate under all the conditions. For choosing the right type of the door, it is important to identify the right one first. There are certain aspects that are taken in your consideration when you are choosing the door for your house. The important details that are supposed to be looked upon while choosing the interior and exterior doors are Style of your home, placement of the door, a material of the door, appearance and quality of the door etc. Along with considering all these aspects you also need to understand which type of door will work in which conditions so that it gets easier for you to choose your door type.  To put it in your awareness and make it easy for you some types of doors with its specifications are as follows:

  1. Single Acting Doors:

    These types of doors are hinged on one side and also open in one direction. These are the most common doors found in most of the house.
  2. Double Acting Doors:

    It opens in both the directions, it is more appropriate for the use in kitchen and dining room. 
  3. Bypass Doors:

    This type of door is featured with two panels on both the sides. This type of doors is more appropriate where there is more space for swinging the door like a closet. 
  4. Bifold  Doors:

    This type of the door is featured with two panels on both of its sides and is found to be appropriate for use in Pantries, closets.
  5. Exterior Sliding Door:
    This type of door has got a fixed panel along with one more sliding panel. 
  6. Paneled Doors:
    These types of the doors are adjusted in the grooves along with rails and stiles. The appearance of this type of the door is attractive. It is available in wood type and also steel, fiberglass and hardboard type doors. 
  7. French Doors:
    Hung in Pairs, French doors have got the rectangular glass panes. They open from it sides and has got light on the top to the bottom. 
  8. Pocket Doors:
    This type of the door slide inside the wall. It is apt for space where there is no room to swing the door open. It can be installed during the time of construction but after its completion, if the need of installing new door arises then it gets difficult
  9. Flush Doors
    They have flat surface on all the sides and are covered with wood veneer. Flush interior doors are the hollow core doors whereas the flush exterior doors are the one featured with a solid core. 

    Exterior Doors:

    The major objective of designing exterior door is with the decoration purpose. It is installed with the motive of creating an impression on the ones who come at your home. It is completely secure to be installed in the house and it is also energy efficient saving a lot of energy. Some of the Exterior type doors are the ones installed in the front entry and the back entry as well. 
    Exterior doors are usually built using wood, steel or fiberglass. Wood is the most trusted material indoors as it provides richness to the door. On the other side solid wood doors are quite expensive and it also demands a lot of maintenance, but the solid core wood veneer flush doors are comparatively less costly. Fiberglass doors are called to be durable and can be easily installed and adjusted in any climate. Steel on other hand is long lasting. 

    Interior Doors:

    Interior doors are the lighter ones than the exterior doors as their motive is not providing security or resist weather. Interior doors are also comparatively thinner. Interior doors are available in huge varieties some of which are wood veneer, hardboard faces, or hollow core doors. 
    If you are looking for the installation of the doors or up gradation of the existing doors in your house, then choosing the right source who provides quality doors is very important. One of them is Gujcon. Known by its name Gujcon is well-established door manufacturer who never compromises in delivering quality products.


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