Types of Doors for Building Construction

The doors to be used in construction of the building are classified on the basis of:
a) Working Operations
b) Materials used for manufacturing/ Fabrication
c) Methods used for Manufacturing
d) Components used 
Doors are classified into various types as follows:
  1. Battened and Ledged Door:
    This is one of the simplest doors and is used for narrow openings. The doors comprises vertical battens or broad which are tongued and grooved so as to fix it together with horizontal battens known as ledges. These types of doors are preferably opted for W.C’s, bathrooms etc and are mostly found in the building where more emphasis is laid on appearance than being economic. 
  2. Battened Ledger and Braced Door:

    This is improved and superior version of battened and ledged door. This door is featured with two additional membranes which is found to be in form of inclined braces between the ledges. These type of doors are recommended for wider opening and also where importance is given to economy and not appearance.
  3. Battened, Ledged, Braced and Framed Door:
    This type of door is comparatively strong, durable, and also the appearance is better than other type of doors. The framework of this door is featured with two vertical members called stiles, three horizontal members called as ledger or rails and vertical battens accompanied with two inclined braces. These type of doors are preferable for external use as well as when the doors are expected to be used roughly. 
  4. Framed and Paneled Door:
    This type of door is usually found in majority of the buildings. It is made of timber framework of stiles and rails grooved on the inside to receive one or more panels. The door can be single, double, three , four or six paneled. 
  5. Flush Door:

    Use of flush doors has now increased with increasing production of plywood and face veeners. Flush doors have attractive appearance accompanied with simple construction, good durability and strength and are reasonable too. These doors are used more in residential as well as public buildings. 
  6.  Sliding Door:
    This door is found more in shops, godowns, garages and other places where the use of hinges is avoided while fixing the shutter. The door can have single or double or even more number of leaves or shutters, it depends on how much space is available. 
  7. Fly Proof Door:
    This type of door is very effective to keep a check on the entry of flies, insects or mosquitoes. This door does not allow them to enter the room and ensure free air circulation at the same time. It is made of timber frame work of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. These type of doors are usually found in kitchens, canteens, cupboards, refreshment rooms, or the place where there is need of storage of food, sweets, meat etc. 
  8. Swing Doors
    This type of door is more suitable for passages of public building like offices, banks etc. The door is featured with single or double shutters. The shutters are fixed with special hinges known as double action spring hinges which ensure to hold the shutter in closed position when the door is not in use. 
  9. Revolving Door:

    The revolving door is for the entrance from one side and exit on the other side simultaneously. It keeps the opening closed when the door is not in use. This door is more beneficial and advantageous where there is regular and constant foot traffic of people coming in and going out of the building. This is more beneficial at air-conditioned places or a place where there is a strong wind blowing almost throughout the year. These types of doors are usually found in hotels, banks, offices and other important public buildings. 
  10. Rolling Grill Door:

    Rolling Grill Door is similar to rolling steel door in all the aspects of design, construction and operation of the door. The only thing that differs is the type of shutter. Grill shutter door is built of aluminium alloy or steel links of 0.9 mm thickness which are then assembled in tubes or rods. These type of doors are found usually in the situations where importance is given to protection, safety, visibility and ventilation. 

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    Here Briefly understand about various types of wood like Ledged Door, Flush Door, Sliding Door, Fly Proof Door, Swing Doors, Revolving Door, Rolling Grill Door and etc.


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