The know-how of Laminates for its effective utilisation in decorating your home

Laminates are produced using material from paper and resins and are well known by the name sunmica. The plywood which is made with decorative laminates by fixing it on the substrate, these days has various uses. Laminates is a preferable choice as it is not much expensive, it can resist temperature, it is durable enough to sustain for a longer time, it is scratch resistant and also can be maintained with an ease.

Laminates today’s market is available in wide variety some of them made with printing patterns, some with decorative materials. Laminates gives a finishing touch to all the products through various designs, textures and colours. There is much demand of laminates in the commercial places. Most of the offices are made using more of laminates due to its easy to maintain quality.

The laminates can turn out to be low pressure or high pressure that completely depends on the process the laminate is being manufactured. Amongst various options available, one laminate type named as Compact laminates do not require any kind of base, as they are self supported and also in order to stick them to the surface there is no need of glue. Other type if Anti- bacterial and Anti – Fungal laminate which is mostly used in hospitals, schools and hostels so as to keep the hygiene accurate. Then comes the fire retardant laminates which are specifically used in kitchens, and other high traffic areas.

Various types of Laminates can be used very effectively in various ways which are as stated below:

Shelves: Laminates can be applied on the wall shelves found in kitchen, bathrooms and bookshelves are some of these types.

Laminates on Furniture: Furniture is the most common thing made using laminate. Laminate is used for making beds, stools, tables, sofa. With laminate available in various qualities the choice is yours in order to decide which quality will suit your requirements to the best.

Highlights on the Walls: Paneling the wall is the new trend in the market. Patterned and textured laminates are used to cover the ceilings. These types of laminates have proven to the source of adding life to the boring walls and ceilings. These types of laminates are even useful in decorating the bedroom and make it look authentic and alluring.

Modular Cabinets: These types of laminates are majorly used in kitchen where the decorative laminates are sticked on the top of the plywood so as to give it a better and impressive look.


To ensure that the laminate is of high quality it has to undergo various tests. Laminate are fixed on the substrate for which they need an underlying surface for the protection purpose. Well, in that case only an expert can advise you well. Talking about the expert, there is no one better than Gujcon who can guide you to the best as per your requirements. Contact now to have a glimpse of their offerings. Well Known in the field of Laminate doors they are called to be the best experts too.


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