The Know How Of Interior and Exterior Doors


Doors are the most important part of your house. No matter your house undergoes renovation or if you are newly constructing your house it is essentially important for you to choose the doors to be installed in your house wisely and smartly at the same time. With so many options available in the selection of the doors, we are bound to confuse ourselves on deciding which one will match up with our requirements to the best. Well, in that case you can easily identify how different types of interior and exterior doors can fit in your house just perfectly.

There are various types of interior and exterior doors available in different types. Getting a proper understanding on each of its type is sure to help decide which door will suit your house to the best. Below are the details of the doors you need to know all about:


  1. Single Acting Doors:

    These are the most common doors hinged on one side and closing on the other side. These types of doors are mostly found inside your house.
  2. Bifold Doors:

    These type of doors are featured with panels folding on one side and are installed mostly in the pantry areas.
  3. Exterior Sliding Doors:

    This type of door is created in a way that it has got one fixed panel along with one more panel which is sliding.
  4. Paneled Doors:

    Panels are used to build these types of doors so that the panels can easily fit into the grooves in the stiles and rails. These types of doors usually have an appealing look and the wooden ones can be easily painted or stained.
  5. French Doors:

    These types of doors are featured with a rectangular glass pane or lights from top to the bottom. Their installation is often done in pairs.
  6. Double acting Doors: 

    This type of door opens in either direction and is appropriate for kitchen and dining room use.
  7. Bypass doors:

    Bypass doors are made of panels so as to make it easy for them to slide past each other. Closet is the best place for these types of doors to be installed as there is not much swing space in the closet.
  8. Pocket Doors:

    Pocket doors are the ones which slide into the wall. This is appropriate for the space where there is the need for swinging the door to open it. During the construction Pocket doors can be installed easily but when the need of installing one such door arises after the construction then it gets really difficult to do so.
  9. Flush Doors:

    These type of doors are featured with a flat surface on both the sides and is made of wood veneer. Flush interior doors are the hollow core doors whereas flush exterior doors have a solid core.
  10. Patio Doors:

    Patio Doors are the sliding ones with a fixed pane of glass to it. This doors allows a lot of light to come in and also give a pleasant view of the outdoors.

    The information as stated above will help you decide on choosing the right type of doors for your house. If you still face difficulty in deciding the right door, then it is advisable to approach to the experts in that case. The best one in this case is Gujcon. Well known as door manufacturers they are the right one to guide you on choosing just the perfect type of door for your house. Gujcon to have a glimpse of their collection.



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