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Decorating our house plays a very important role. We all want our house to look stylish and extremely beautiful which takes us to pay more attention to each and every aspect of making the house. When we are making our house, we look at colours, we decide on which windows to put on, what furniture to buy etc. However, when we are indulged in all these aspects we fail to lay our attention to one of the most important aspect is the door of our house.

Door is the main entrance and exit area of our house which states it should be the first aspect we should look into. When someone visits your house, the first thing that is looked upon by them is the door which gives them an impression of how your house would be. The doors play a major role in decorating our house at its best. Considering this, the Quality of the door should also be looked upon before making final decision. More than the beauty of the door what matters is how safe and reliable the door is. The door should have qualities of weather resistance, climate resistance for a longer period of time. When we talk about the Quality of the doors, the name of Membrane Door comes first in our mind as it assures us on reliability.

Membrane Door:

Membrane door is a type of door that is produced and created by undergoing the process of combining HDF moulded doors along with solid flush doors. Flush Doors is basically solid material covered with MDF sheets or plywood and are painted or laminated. Talking about HDF moulded doors, they are high density fibre made from recycled wood and is completely eco friendly. These are considered to be more durable than the normal wood doors.

Membrane doors is made by combining these types of doors but to make it even more stronger it is overlaid with polyvinyl chloride membrane which gives surety  on not shrinking, swelling or cracking for a long period of time.  The advantages of Membrane Doors are as follows:

  • Doors offer us with the best durability and assure not to undergo any type of cracks for a long period of time.
  • Maintenance of the doors is quite easy and it can be cleaned on daily basis too which will not harm the door at all.
  • The degree of deformation of these types of doors is almost to negligible.
  • These types of doors do not face any problem pertaining to cracking, occurrence of swelling or contractions.
  • Membrane Doors are heat resistant.
  • These doors gives a rich look, the wood grain of these doors delivers a realistic look making it look even more beautiful.
  • Door colours is not affected for long period of time and stays the same.


Every good thing is also bad at some or the other thing, so is the Membrane Door though finding faults in these types of doors is quite difficult. Few disadvantages of Membrane door is as follows:

Despite of being heat resistant, the door does not have the capacity of absorbing and adjusting high temperatures which needs you to keep open flames away from the door.

Membrane doors do not offer with lot of colour choices, but only limited basic colours when compared to other types of doors.

In terms of dimensions, you need to be very specific and precise as once a membrane doors is created and attached any further alterations will not be possible.

The material of membrane door is not strong when compared to Aluminium due to which you might have to witness some sort of sagging in the doors.



Despite of all the disadvantages, membrane doors manages to overcome it all and stand as the best door amongst all. But buying it from the right manufacturer is to be taken into your consideration. Visit and check our wide range of Membrane Doors. We are called to be the best Membrane Doors manufacturers and we believe in offering with the best quality with utmost satisfaction to the customers. 


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