Laminate vs Membrane doors

Doors are the heart of our house. It reflects the beauty of our house. Compromising on the door quality is like compromising on your major requirements. It is important to equip your house with good quality and durable doors as only that will keep your house look beautiful not only externally but also internally. All of us often get confused in choosing the right type of doors and cannot decide on choosing if we should go for membrane door or laminated door? We will help you clear your confusion which will make it easy for you to take a firm decision by selecting one type of the door. Lets now look into the advantages and disadvantages of both the types of doors:


 Laminate doors are available in low prices and are made with not so expensive materials.
 It does not carry a lot of weight and are comparatively of light weight. 
 It is a good resistor of water, as the wood throughout the door is covered with a polymer film which avoids the water to spoil the door. 
 Laminated doors are available in various colours, textures of wood and also products are available in various range which increases the options for the buyers. 
⇒ It is easy to clean these type of doors and comparatively easy to maintain. 
⇒ It does not require any polishing to be done on itself and is also very durable and hygienic. 
⇒ It is quite easy to install laminated doors and does not require many skills in installation. 
⇒ Recycling of laminated doors is next to impossible.
⇒ The look and feel of laminated doors does not come out to be exactly like the wood. No matter how good the quality is but the feel and look of the door is not worth appreciating. 
⇒ Being brittle material it is prone to clipping.
⇒ In the case if the top layer is spoiled, the entire floor needs to be replaced. 
⇒ Laminated Doors release formaldehyde which are volatile compounds which makes the door toxic able.
⇒ Repairing laminated doors is not an easy tasks and is almost next to impossible. 

Membrane Doors:

Membrane door is produced and created by undergoing the process of combining HDF moulded doors along with solid flush doors. Covered with MDF sheets or plywood, Flush Doors are considered to be solid material and are painted or laminated. The advantages of Membrane Doors are as follows:

⇒ Membrane Doors are resistant to heat.
⇒ The degree of deformation of these types of doors is almost negligible. 
⇒ Doors assure not to undergo any type of cracks for a long period of time and additionally offer us with the best durability.  
⇒ Door colours are not affected for long period of time and stay the same. 
⇒ It can be cleaned on daily basis too which makes the maintenance of the doors is quite easy.
⇒ The wood grain of these doors delivers a realistic look making it look even more beautiful and offering the doors a rich look.

Every good thing is also bad at some or the other thing, so is the Membrane Door though finding faults in these types of doors is quite difficult. Few disadvantages of Membrane door is as follows:

⇒ When compared to Aluminium the material of membrane door is not strong due to which you might have to witness some sort of sagging in the doors. 
⇒ Despite of being heat resistant, the door does not have the capacity of absorbing and adjusting high temperatures which needs you to keep open flames away from the door. 
⇒ You need to be very specific and precise in terms of dimensions, as once a membrane doors is created and attached any further alterations will not be possible. 
⇒ Membrane doors offers with only limited basic colours when compared to other types of doors.

Though membrane doors have got some of the disadvantages, this does not change the fact that membrane doors are considered to be the best doors. This will be the case when you buy it from the right manufacturer. Gujcon called to be the best membrane door manufacturers in India are sure to supply you with high quality doors. Contact us and check out all the reasonable yet the best quality offerings. 



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