How To Replace Or Install A Door

Installing or replacing a door can become easy to get it done, if it is done in an organised way. Installation of a door can be easily done by following the below given steps :

  • Removing the Old Door :
  1. If you wish to install or replace a door, the old door can be used as a source of making yourself aware with the installation process. Make sure to make a mark 10 inch up from the floor before you take off the old door as this will help you later to trim the new door.
  2. Proceed towards removing the old lockset and hinge pins which will let the door come out easily. Remove the hinge plates from door as well.
  • Marking and Trimming the Door :
  1. Set the door in a way that keeps the old door on the top and the tops and hinges sides flush is kept on the top and clamp in place. Keep the new door on the saw horses. 
  2. With the help of combination square you can mark the locations of the hinges mortises on the new door.
  3. The usage of square then enables you to transfer the distance of the mortises from the door edge.
  4. With the help of the hinges, make the depths of the mortise followed by marking the location for lockset.
  5. The 10 inch reference marks made above from the old door to the new one now needs to be transferred keeping the old door aside. 
  6. The excess part from the sides and the bottom of the new door needs to be cut with the help of a saw or planer. 
  • Attaching the Door :
  1. The hinges of the door can be either round or square. If you find it to be round use a router and if it is found to be square use a chisel to cut the mortises. 
  2. With the help of utility knife you can score the mortise lines. 
  3. To accurately outline the edges of the mortise can be done with the help of a chisel and this will also assist you in making the proper cuts across the area. 
  4. Chisel out the inside marks, and using a blade remove out the small amounts of materials. 
  5. Put the hinges in place in each of the mortise. Proceed with drilling the pilot holes and attach the hinge with screws. 
  6. As per the hardware instructions drill the lockset holes. In order to prevent splintering cut only halfway through one side of the door and finish the door from the other side. 
  7. Install the new hinge plates on the jamb. By holding the plate in a mortise check its fit. 
  8. If the mortise is not found to be deep enough, to deepen it remove some wood with a chisel and ensure to keep the bevelled side of the chisel against the wood as only this will help you to remove the small amounts of material. On getting a good fit, attach the hinge plates with screws.
  9. End it with attaching a new strike plate if you do not wish to use the old one. 
  • Installation of the Door :
  1. Set the door in the hinges and if elevation of the door is needed, it can be done with the help of wood shims. 
  2. Insert the hinge pins and using a hammer you can tap the hinge pins flush if needed.
  3. Make sure to have 1/8 inch clearance with header and strike sides and also 1/16 inch clearance along the hinge sides. Check the door by moving it back and forth. Make the necessary adjustments if found any.
  4. Fix in the door knob or lockset.
  5. Test the door and make sure is fitted well and swings easily and freely.


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