How To Replace Hollow Core Door To Solid Core Door

We often come across the sound coming out of thin areas of our house, or may be the dry wall and at times under the doors or through the ceilings. You, me we all face such sounds some or the other day. But there is a permanent solution to this problem which is replacing your hollow core interior doors. 

The problem behind the doors making such sounds is because of the two sheets of drywall that is found in almost all the interior walls. Some sound insulating space is also found between those sheets. Hollow core doors often seem to be attractive as they are less expensive and also are easy to swing but it does not work for sound proofing at all.  Hollow doors are fibreboard which enables them to be re painted but the doors can never be sanded. Hollow doors once do not have much resale value. One of the best options to sound proof your surroundings are to replace your hollow core doors with the solid doors

To replace your hollow door with a solid wood door, you need to take care of certain things as stated below :

It is a simple replacement process; all you need to do is sticking to the same dimension. All you need to take care of is that the placement for screw and hinge should be the same. Ensure that the hinges and the screws match accordingly by maintaining the proper space in between to drill new strong holes if needed. If new holes are found to be close to the old holes followed by which they merge then the installation process will be quite difficult. 

When you finally replace your hollow door with solid wood door, you will actually get to experience that how well a solid wood door slows the transmission of the sound from the rooms. 

Solid Doors have been proven to be beneficial when compared to Hollow Doors. Solid Doors has got lot of advantages as stated below :

  1. Solid Doors are durable. They never lack in showcasing their durability due to which they do not demand much of the maintenance. 
  2. Solid Doors have got the capacity of resisting fire. 
  3. Solid Doors are featured with noise cancelling ability.
  4. No other doors can match the quality of Solid Doors. 
  5. Solid Doors also are quite impressive when it comes to appearance. 
  6. Solid doors are not expensive and are affordable available at cheap price. 


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