How To Fix Swollen Doors

With so much of rain pouring in majority of the homes face a lot of problem when it comes to door sticking in their frames or doors that scrape on the floor. Wooden doors leads to swelling or contracting due to change in temperature and humidity levels too. This then leads to the problems of sticking and swollen wooden doors during summers, whereas in winters doors lose their fitting.

Moisture is the main cause of the door that sticks in the frame or the one that scrapes on the floor. Moisture is absorbed in the door not sealed or varnished around the edges which then takes the timer to swell. 

Inorder to prevent the swelling of a door you can use the below given tips :

On buying a new door, before fitting it apply an exterior sealer as this will help in safeguarding the door from getting swelled. Do not forget to apply exterior sealer to the front and back of the door and even on the edges and the base of the door. 

Paint can also prove to be very effective. Painting the door with wood primer can help preventing the swelling of a door

Using a dehumidifier will help you prevent the door from swelling

At times we fail in taking precautions for protecting the door from being swollen, and then we face the problems of the door being swollen. In that case we can use the given tips to fix the swollen door. Find out the problem area in the door. Then you need to run a piece of heavy stock paper all around the door to identify where the piece of paper gets stucked. Listen to the hinges properly and analyse which one needs to be oiled. Applying the petroleum Jelly or Tightening the screws along with the door hinges and the strike plate can help you in fixing the door.  Gap between the door and the frame can lead to increase in the swelling of the door. Examining the hinges with loose screws will clarify you on where to make the correction.  You can also use coarse sandpaper that can help you in sanding the edges of the swollen wooden door.

After you are done with fixing the door problem ensure to trim the door and repaint or give it the final finishing touch to give the door a new and enhanced look. 


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