How To Choose Door Frame

While building our home, we need to look into various factors of which one of the important factors is the right choice of the door frame. We are so engrossed in selecting the best door that we forget to look into choosing the right frame to fix in the door

While we choose for the right frame there are certain aspects that need to be taken care of. Let’s dive into the pool of all those factors as stated below :

  • Assembles and Kit – Form Frames :

Door frame is one of accessories of the door and can be chosen separately to assure that Frame fits perfectly with the door. While we are choosing the door frames, we should look for the pre made door frames as they are favourable and can be easily installed. While choosing the right frame, do not forget to check for the size of opening, technical needs of the frame so that it can fit in perfectly with the door.

  • Top Notch :

The entrance of the house needs to be not only good looking but also as durable as possible. Door Frames are clearly visible, so we need to take care of opting for the right one so as to ensure that it compliment your house interiors just the right way. 

Apart from the design, the door frame need to meet the requirements of the weight of the wall and the frequency of its use also is a matter of concern. Avoid going for the frames you think are less durable, Quality of the frames needs to be superior enough as only then you will be getting assurance on the durability.

  • Spoilt for Choice :

Door Frames has got lot of variety which states that you have many options available to choose the best one matching perfectly with your main door. As doors are much in use in our routine life, the flexibility of the door frame has to be taken into your consideration. The type of wood and the structure of the frame have to be checked precisely. On your choice of the colour for your door, you can move ahead to customise door frames and can enhance its look by decorating it with the accessories like fan lights, arches, side lights and top lights. 

Door Frame installation is time consuming, but can be easily done with the right tools and a bit of research work. Confused with how to install the Door Frame ? Below given are the steps to help you understand the process of door frame installation :

  1. Build the door frame in plumb and square and to bear the weight of the bricks fix in the pre stressed lintel overhead
  2. Take care of the spaced ties on both the sides and also ensure of tying the door frames to the brickwork during construction
  3. To support the door frames, stretchers, struts or braces must be used till the wall gets dry so as to avoid movement and inward sagging
  4. Position the door frames at the right height to avoid investing your time in trimming height while fitting the doors
  5. To provide protection to your door frames from the wheelbarrows and other equipments, boards can be used


Choosing the right door frame is a must for the needed interior look. Asking for the advice of the experts in this field can help you with best of the options available. We at Gujcon help you building your home with the best choices available.  Visit, book an appointment with us and let us serve you with the best we can. 

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