How Secure Are Wooden Doors

Doors are one of the main thing required in your house, depending on different types of people their needs will be different. But the common thing that required by different people are usually attractive look that is style and design. The wooden doors are most used material for manufacturing doors and windows, as it is one the oldest material used. Wood has broad range of advantages such as its thermal, acoustic, electrical, and even mechanical properties are very suitable and comfortable to build doors and windows for safe houses.

Wood can be used for doors as it is most flexible, and has a wide range of designs as compared to metals or any other alternatives. Wood will be secure and safe, depending mainly on combination of following factors :

  • Environment-friendly 

  • Durability

  • Low- Maintenance

  • Ease to design, shaping, cutting, and  joinery with simple hand tools  

  • Best Insulator and resistance 


As listed above, wood is best material used for manufacturing doors as they are environmental friendly, renewable, and easily available. Wood itself has it’s style, color, designs, so it is highly used in decoration. Every tree wood has its own design variation and color differences as well.  

1)  Aesthetics

Wooden doors are most traditional material used from hundreds of years. Longer period beauty, charm and attractive look are obtained by wood in doors and windows. Variety of different types of woods can be obtained as there are infinite trees. Wooden doors are useful in sound absorption because it prevents echo and noise. Velocity of sound in wooden material is faster because of its light weight and structure, so it is also used in musical instruments.

2)  Thermal Property   

As the temperature changes many of materials changes in size, shapes, volume. Its volume expands with increasing temperature, thus leads to lowers the strength of materials. Wood comparing with steel is mainly used for constructing doors and windows, because wood does not expands or collapse at higher temperature. As wood is has not practically affected by heat but it get dried and gains strength. Only the wood expands at very high humid temperature.  

3)  Electrical Property

Dry wood is one of the best resistances to electrical current and an oven dried wood is best electrical insulator. Unlike metals, plastic and other such materials, wood is not observed to be dangerous for human health by static electricity. As the moisture of atmosphere increases, the electrical resistance of wood decreases. For such reasons wood is most preferable as a healthy material. 

As discussed above all points that  wood is safe and secured for human health and regular uses with better quality so it is proved that wood is one of the best choice for manufacturing the doors and windows. Gujcon Company provides the variety of different materials for doors, among them wooden doors are majorly used. This Manufacturing company provides best wooden doors in India with latest designs with best quality.   



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