Difference Between Flush Door and Panel Door

Doors are the big reflection of your house. When we select door for our house, we often get confused with deciding between Flush Door and Panel Door. Flush Door Design is the one which has a flat surface and does not contain any panels or mouldings. It is mostly made of a wooden frame having a covering of ply, MDF, or natural wood on both the sides of the door. Flush Door can be further painted or you can even apply veneers or even laminate the door in different designs or colours.

 On the other hand, Panel Door is the door made traditionally and by assembling the help of rails, infill and stiles panels the door is made. Panel doors can be made using a different type of woods and also can be made available in any color of your choice.

There are some differences between Flush Door and Panel Door which are as stated below:

  • The manufacturing of Panel door is done in a traditional way by using a lot of joiners which includes stiles, rails and infills. Whereas, Flush Door is manufactured using Wooden Framework consisting of solid core materials and has got the finishing of plywood top.
  • Flush doors can be cleaned easily whereas the maintenance of Panel doors is not that easy.
  • Panel Doors costs you much whereas Flush door is very reasonable. 
  • The manufacturing of Flush does not take so much of time, the only thing to be taken care of in Flush Door is that they are made as per the precise measurements whereas the manufacturing of the Panel door demands
    a lot of detailing and precision which is time-consuming.
  • Flush Doors are good insulators of sound whereas Panel doors are not.
  • Panel doors are more attractive in appearance when compared to flush doors.
  • Flush Doors are fire resistant whereas Panel doors are more prone to fire.
  • Flush Doors are sold mostly in a bare form which requires further finishing, painting or varnishing. Whereas Panel doors are sold in a finished form and the only part left to be done after buying the door is completing the installation of the door.
  • Flush Doors have the capacity of resisting termite, which is not the case of Flush Doors.
  • No matter you require interior or exterior door, Panel door will always be reasonable and affordable.  This is not the case with Flush Doors, as a Flush door is not equipped with doorframes, so we need to put in the frames which are expensive.

Choosing Flush Door or Panel Door is a matter of choice. Considering your requirements and needs you should choose the right one to fulfil your expectations. Still, if you face any confusion, it is always advisable to take the help of an expert who has good knowledge about the doors. Talking about the doors the first name that comes to my mind is Gujcon. Well known as the manufacturer of doors, Gujcon can be your right mentor for aiding you in making a right choice. Contact us to look through all their products. 


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