10 Ways to Find Right Exporter/Supplier is Genuine or not From India

Internet marketing has now become a very common platform to promote and advertise your business with taking the benefit of reach to millions of people. People have now started trading online on different portals undergoing the direct B2B trading. With increasing demand many such portals have also been created who have encouraged people to trade on their portals offering lot of benefits and ease at trade. But in between all that ease we have forgotten to check for the genuine products and the suppliers. With the genuine suppliers there are many fake suppliers too who sell wrong products. Before you become the victim of fake suppliers, check for the below given points which you must and you should consider before you opt for buying from any of the suppliers:

  1. Check for the suppliers  legal documents:

Google is the best tool to search about any of the suppliers atleast to get an idea about their background. But apart from that it is also important to check the legal documents of the suppliers like their GST or VAT or TAX ID copy, Company Registration number and Complete Company Details.

      2. Check on their Online Assets:

Verification of any company should start with analysing their online assets. It can be their Company Website, Blog, Social Media Presence and their presence on other online platforms. You also need to check their address against what is shown in the Google Maps. This will surely give you a clear idea about the credibility of the company.

     3. Contact Information:

The scammers often provide their incorrect contact details. So it is essentially important to check for the right contact details and also try calling on the given numbers of the suppliers so to confirm if they are the right one you are looking for.

     4. Verify the Certificates of the Suppliers:

There are certain quality benchmarks that are predefined and standardized for all the companies and all this is done through varied certificates. To check on the credibility of the suppliers,  check for their certificates and analyse it minutely. Genuine ones are sure to have certificates and whereas the fake ones will not have certifications and even if they have it, those wont be the original ones.

    5. Identify the Suppliers from different platforms:

Fake suppliers work with the motive of just getting money considering this, they might sell all the types of products you might need as a customer for which they create different companies with different listings. This makes it important to check the identity of the suppliers on different platforms.

    6. Utilize third party verification facility:

If the supplier is located in some different country which makes it difficult for you to go and meet them one-to-one, you can opt for third party verification where some of the staff members of Third Party On-Site service providers are sent to meet the suppliers and to check if they are actually genuine or not. The best part here is fake sellers would never allow third party verification.

    7. Look for the Customer Referrals:

Word of mouth is called to be the best publicity as it comes from those who have experience the service of the service providers. Before you decide to buy from the respective customers, it is advisable to check for customer references and talk to the ones who have experienced the services of respective suppliers.

    8. Do not fall for low prices:

One of the best techniques of scammers is offering customers with low prices, but do not fall for those suppliers who offer who very low prices than the expected ones.

    9. Look for the security in the Payment Mode:

Fake suppliers offer you with the payment mode like Western Union, Bank Transfer or PayPal. But these modes cannot give you information about the scammers once the payment is done. Hence it  is advisable to ask the suppliers for Secured Payment modes, genuine ones will always provide you the security.

    10. Search Google and Trade Forums:

Search on Google about the company and the exporter. On platforms like Trade Forums the fake suppliers will be reviewed with bad comments and genuine ones with good comments. So check for your suppliers on this platform.


Internet is flooded with lot of fake scammers. But you can still find the genuine ones with a little of research and awareness. We provide blogs which will help you find the right suppliers for the type of products you need. Called to be the Best manufacturers specialised in Doors Manufactures are sure to help you in the best possible way we can. 


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