Way to Plan Your House With The Science of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the concept that has been longing since ancient India and it deals with the subject Vastu which means Environment. Vastu Shastra is all about designing the buildings in a way that is i free from all the metaphysical forces and maintains the harmony in the human life. There are certain tips of Vastu which if followed is sure to give you benefit throughout your life.

  1. Vastu tips for Plot:

    Plot selection is a very crucial choice as it signifies the orientation and location of the house. In that case, there are 3 aspects as per Vastu which needs to be looked up while choosing the Plot so as to bring financial growth, happiness and prosperity in life:

    • Regular and Precisely defined shaped plot like square or rectangle are considered to be the best.

    • Plots which have got pathways on all the four sides or else roads in the north and east directions are to be checked upon
  2. Vastu tips for Kitchen:

    A kitchen is a place where most of the energies prevail and so it is a place which is the heart of the house. Few points to be considered here are:
    • Kitchen if designed in south-east or north-west is considered to be advantageous. 
    • A toilet should not be right opposite to the kitchen or even adjoining it
    • In the northeast direction, water sinks should be adjusted
  3. Vastu Tips for Bedroom:

    A bedroom is a place for you to relax which makes it important to design it in the conditions favorable as per Vastu. Points to be considered while designing bedroom are:
    • Except for south-east direction, bedroom can be in any of the directions
    • To ensure good and peaceful sleep arrange the bed in such a way that your head is towards the south or east direction. 
  4. Vastu Tips for Bathroom:

    Bathroom should be located in the east of your house
    The wall towards the north should be occupied for shower taps
    The south-west direction should be kept for overhead tank
    The toilet should be placed in the west direction
    Placement of the Ventilator will be perfect in the east or north direction.

  5. Vastu Tips for Colour Choice for your home:

    Colour of your house decides the mood of the members living in.  It is believed that the use of lighter colours passes on the energies of calmness and relaxation and on the other hand the bright colours trigger the anger and suffocation. Opting for colours like white, blue, green, pastels is sure to deliver coolness, peace and compromise. Whereas colours like orange and red should be avoided.
  6. Vastu Tips for the Entrance  Gate:

    Entrance gate should be place in the north and east side. The surroundings near the entrance gate should be kept positive with no disturbances or garbage around. There should be enough lights at the entrance as it attracts positive energies. 
  7. Vastu Tips for the Drawing Room: 

    This is the only place in the house where all the family members gathers together and spend quality time. Tips for the Drawing room are as follows:
    • Walls should be of lighter shades to attract calmness and affection
    • Rooms can be occupied with potted plants and scenery of nature so as to generate positive energy
    • Do not keep artificial or dried flowers in the room. 
  8. Vastu Tips for Pooja:
    • The northeast direction is the best for Pooja Room. 
    • Keeping idols in the pooja room is ideally not correct, but if you wish to keep it then it should be of 9 to 2 inches.
    • The doors or the windows should be on the north or east side. 
    • Pooja room should be made in a separate space and not attached to any of the rooms.
    • Walls of Pooja Room should be painted with light colors.
  9. Vastu Tips for Staircase:

    Staircase is the need of most of the houses as they all are multistoried. Staircase should be placed in the south or west part of the house. The flow of staircase should start with north direction ending to south direction. The space below the staircase should never be used to build bathroom, pooja room or kitchen. 
  10. Vastu Tips for Basement:
    The space below the house is actually inauspicious as per Vastu, but certain tips that can be considered for the basement are:
    • The basement should fall in north or east direction.
    • The basement should not be used for living purpose.
    • The height of the basement can be 2.5 meters or more. 
    • The basement should be of regular or geometrical shape.

    These few tips will certainly maintain the positive aura in your house along with happiness and prosperity. If you need an expert to help you design your home as per Vastu, Gujcon is the ideal one to do so. Known to be the best Doors Manufacturer they not only supply door but also help people with their designing of the home. Contact us and take a look at their portfolio.   


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